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My new journey as I get older

Welcome to my photography and food blog!

I am on a new journey, a change in lifestyle, and on a road of discovery.

There are always challenges in life, sometimes easy ones, sometimes challenges that seem impossible to defeat.  But if we always strive to do our best, act with determination, stay the course, even if we run into forks on the road, we will find our way home, or to our desired destination.

My story

Chapter One – Why a Food Blog?

After I discovered I had Lyme disease in 2013, and having lived with it for 23 years not knowing what I had, I had to make a decision to fix myself without much help from the medical community.  It is one of those controversial diseases that standard medicine does not understand, nor address because there is no cure for it, and doctors haven’t bothered much with it.  So I set out to educate myself and find a way to manage it, or cure this bug.  

I could write a book on this topic; though I don’t want to bore you with the details for now,  but one of discoveries that I love to share is how lifestyle changed my entire life and health. I found out, and have proved many times, that food and exercise is medicine – and that diet doesn’t have to mean sacrifice!  Through food I healed and stabilized, and I have seen this with friends and family who wanted to follow me once they saw how I got better.  I will eventually share my experiences through my blog, and if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to share with you. 

The Food side of my blog is to share healthy, but yummy recipes.  I do cheat too!  It’s very difficult to got through life without enjoying and indulging in some sweetness or some not perfectly healthy bites, but I think what is key is that all food should be homemade from fresh, organic, pasture raised, grass fed  ingredients. 

Chapter Two – Why Photography?

I fell in love with photography after my son became a photographer and I saw the beautiful photographs he produced.  I had purchased a camera for my husband, who has always loved photography, but I quickly confiscated it and started on a path to learning about stock and art photography. 

My love for fresh and good food drew to taking pictures of the very same, and since I love color, I also was inclined to capture nature, especially flowers.  But now I try to capture everything that catches my eye.  

I am, by no means, a professional  – and I am still learning the ropes technically and visually, but considering I am entering the later stages of my life – I feel I have no constraints to grow and get better over time.  There is so much beauty in this world and I love being able to imprint what I see in a digital format and be able to share it.  

I hope we can share together knowledge about food and art.  I welcome your opinions and ideas.  We are living through trying times, and sometimes a distraction from the everyday world is welcome.  

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