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Why Is It Taking Me So Long

Well, first of all, my brain is like an old 386 computer, and it’s taking longer than I thought to figure out how to design and make sense of WordPress. I do believe it’s good mental exercise though, and I feel proud of myself for not giving up! Second, life has been tough these last two years, and the concerns and worries about our lives and our country have been foremost on my mind – so there are days I just can’t focus on my new path. But, I am determined, and will prevail.

I am hoping to meet other photographers through my site, share ideas and gain inspiration. We recently moved to a beautiful town with a lot of nature surrounding us, so there is much to capture. After having lived in a concrete jungle for so long, almost all of my life, I now realize what I have been missing. The countryside and nature has always called me, but life’s circumstances just never gave me the opportunity to move until now, and it is now when I think I never stopped to smell the roses, and it’s time to do so. Time is going by faster and faster, with no time to spare and waste.

I will be posting more photos and recipes very soon, and talking about food, and how it has changed my life, and others I know. We are living in trying times, especially having to do with health, and I truly believe the right foods help you stay healthy and fight off disease. Having Lyme disease, I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. So I hope to help others with similar ailments by sharing experiences that have proven to work.

Well, I am so happy I got in another post and will be back soon.

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